Our Values

Driven by the ideal of "Just for your smile". JTF Sonic Toothbrush, Water Flossers and Accessories are designed to help you always keep your teeth whitened and your mouth clean, whether it's busy or relaxed, bland or glorious, JTF will give you a confident smile.

Our Story

A group of engineers and marketers with twenty years of experience in R&D and manufacturing, who have been developing and selling electronic products for a long time. In 2018, we stumbled upon electric toothbrush and Water Flossers are so monopolistic and high-priced, consumers can only choose few brands of expensive products. We are determined to integrate experience and resources to change this situation, so we founded the JTF brand, research and manufacture of truly high-quality, affordable products, just in order to provide customers with more choices, reduce the overall cost of use of electric toothbrush and Water Flossers. We wish more users can enjoy the scientific and technological progress to the teeth and oral.

Commitment to Product

JTF always puts the customer experience above everything else, using advanced and proven technology and choosing environmentally friendly and durable materials.

#1.Believe in health first to our customer.

#2.Bring new tech to our customers

#3.Build the products in art

#4.Do our best to protect the planet

Founders Word 

The strength of one person is tiny, the strength of a group of people is limited, and the strength of a group of people to adhere to the ideal for a long time is infinite. JTF will do a good job in every product in the future time, through continuous and steady efforts to serve more customers, so that you can enjoy a confident smile and make the world a better place.

- Frank Zhao, Founder & CEO

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