Kids Electric Toothbrush for Ages 3-12


Timed sonic vibrations, Powerful dental care

5 programs and 2 type heads , customize your brushing experience

3-month battery life & water-resistant

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Brush Heads

slim angled neck reach hard-to-clean areas, bringing a deep and thorough brushing.

Soft Dupont and BBC brishtles are particularly friendly with sensitive gums

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Kids Toothbrush

3 Cleaning modes by kids age

The 2-in-1 Cleaning, Tongue scrapers effective

'Edible' head material with Soft dupont bristles

Smart timer helps brushing properly

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Water Floss

Unique cleaning sonic tiny bubbles

Reliable 3 modes normal, soft and pulse

190ML capacity, use one a day, your oral healthier

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  • "

    Absolutely love this electric toothbrush. The 30 second warnings were a bit surprising at first but you get past it when you feel how clean your teeth are after. Would definitely buy again.


  • "

    I have been a Dental Hygienist for 24years and this has become my favorite toothbrush. I purchased this brush for my kids, The bristles are soft which is recommended so you do not get gum recession.


  • "

    It is so gentle that I didn’t think it would work, but the variable sound waves clean better than the name brand ‘sonicare’ that I’ve used for decades.


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